All club account holders may place data in a www directory in their club home directory in AFS to be accessible under This is served via a standard apache userdir configuration. is presently load-balanced across two front-end webservers serving static content. Requests identified (by common file extensions) to be for a CGI are forwarded to a dedicate CGI server (separate from the contrib CGI server) for execution. Most common scripting languages are installed, and compiled programs could (in theory) even be used as long they are compiled for the correct architecture. Club users no longer have shell access to the CGI server can verify version and module/extension information, so please let us know if something isn't working or if you would like some module installed that currently isn't.

Currently, writes back to AFS are not possible because apache is running without AFS tokens. Ideas for rectifying this are in the works but will take some time.

See also the contributed webserver documentation for additional possibly-applicable information.