Late in the afternoon on Friday 25 November 2016, a water service piping component failed in Warner Hall, flooding much of Warner and Cyert Halls, including the CMU Computer Club's server room.

Latest update: Sun 11 Dec, 18:14 EST. The majority of servers in the Drycas/VMS and VAX clusters are now online.

» Full recovery history…

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Fall 2016 Talk Series

Our weekly talk series continues for Fall 2016 on Wednesdays at 8pm in Wean 5415. Check out descriptions of scheduled talks and their dates.

Warhol Amiga Discovery

We are proud to have worked with The Andy Warhol Museum to uncover never-before-seen artworks from Andy Warhol's original Amiga disks. In 2014, a short documentary was made about the process, as well as how our members' extensive knowledge of retrocomputing was instrumental to finding and recovering the works. Read more about this exciting discovery.

Does the thought of:

  • Finding nifty programming projects to hack on
  • Getting advice from experts on your own projects
  • Developing useful services for the CMU community
  • Deploying your projects in an on-campus, student-run datacenter, alongside KGB, the Tartan, ScottyLabs, and PPP
  • Trying out the latest technologies in a robust, distributed, production environment
  • Contributing to free and open source software
  • Tinkering with Amigas, old Apples, VAXen, DECstations, HP9000s, SPARCs, and others

...get you hyped? Then stop by at one of our meetings. We hold Open Hacking Hours weekly during the school year on Saturdays starting around 17:00 at our server room in Cyert B6.

We also present classic hacker films regularly. Check the events calendar below for these announcements.

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Open Hacking Hours

Saturdays, 5:00pm, Cyert B6

Administrative / General Body

Tuesdays, 5:00pm, Porter A19A

Demosplash Planning

Wednesdays, 6:30pm, Porter A20A

Just come to any of our meetings or events; we'll find a place for you!

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We also keep up a lively IRC discussion on freenode/##cclub, so be sure to join when you're online.